Cooking is a skill that you can learn. Cooking is fun…..

It can be a way to create memories with your family…
A way to treat your friends and family to a delicious meal you’ve prepared yourself…
A home-cooked meal can honor a special event: a birthday, a holiday, an anniversary…
Cooking can be a satisfying way for you to relax for an hour… or an afternoon…

Here’s a typical class schedule (10am – 3pm)

10:00am Students arrive, settle in with a cup of coffee, and put on their new Armand’s Kitchen aprons.
10:00-10:30am Review of recipes; class packets distributed and discussed.

menu for the day
cultural and food history
recipe review
safety and sanitation review

12:00:3:00 Cook & Eat!
~Students practice, tasting as we go.
~Eat! Critique layers of flavor and pack up- leaving with new Armand’s Kitchen Tote Bag, filled with yummy, delicious food and recipes.

Classes are offered in the Southern Maine area. Contact Chef Doug for private cooking class availability. All times are flexible!

Give yourself the gift of learning how to cook some of your favorite dishes, or some of mine!

I teach beginners and professionals: those who think the kitchen is a place to store take-out — and those with substantial experience, looking to learn some advanced techniques. We design classes around your interests and your level (or lack!) of expertise. Just a few of the classes we’ve enjoyed:

soups — from light and airy summer soups, to hearty winter ones.
breads — baguettes…cheese breads…healthful whole grain loaves…even pizza dough!
regional cuisine — New England fare to treats from America’s Southwest.
classical french cuisine — look out, Julia Child!
special fall classes — canning and pickling fruits and vegetables
Middle Eastern foods; Northern and Southern Italian — perfect for dinner parties.

Want to start with macaroni and cheese, or meatloaf or omelettes?

You’re the boss! You name it, I’ll teach you how to prepare it!